Guest House for Ladies-Only

Non  Smoking  Guest House

   60 Blue House is a  ladies-only  guesthouse  located  in  the heart of the old town in Chiang Mai.

   60 Blue House was built in 1952,

2 minutes away from Chiang Mai Gate. This beautiful house has original teak flooring and high ceilings,

a comfortable garden to sit and chat in with coffee and a book, and a balcony to relax and catch the sun on.

      Come and enjoy a relaxed and easy-going environment in a clean and elegant house, where you can meet fellow female travelers who want to explore Thai culture and experience local markets,restaurants and other special places recommended by the owner.

      If you want to have an authentic Thai experience then come and stay at 60 Blue House and explore the incredible culture Chiang Mai has to offer. We will only be too happy to see you!

Eco-Friendly  Guest House

  60 Blue House is one of the few  Guesthouses in Chiang Maito take an active interest in our carbon footprint.

  We take great steps to make sure that we try to re-use or recycle any waste that we have.

     WE :

  • Always use glass bottles instead of plastic ones.
  • Recycle any plastic, paper,can,glass bottles that we have to use      and wrappings from food.
  • Recycle our food waste-for example, fruit skins go right in to our    fertiliser,which we use on our own garden.
  • Use energy-saving light-bulbs where possible.